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Aquatalia Women's Emerson Weatherproof Suede Smoking Slipper Mules heJgfGU3g
Aquatalia Women's Emerson Weatherproof Suede Smoking Slipper Mules
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Jacob Kleinman

Software updates are usually a good thing. They can bring new features and important security updates to whatever device you’re using with little to no effort on your part. If you have a Mac computer , however, you’re probably sick and tired of seeing that same “Updates Available” notification pop-up on your computer every day.

It doesn’t matter how often I let my computer update, there’s almost always another software patch waiting for me the next morning. Luckily, there are a few ways to get rid of them depending on how responsible (or irresponsible) you want to be. Here’s what you need to know.

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How to Get Rid of Mac Update Notifications the Responsible Way

If you want to keep your computer updated but you’re fed up with all those notifications there’s an easy solution (courtesy of Softpedia ). All you have to do is open System Preferences on your Mac and select “App Store.” Then click “Install macOS Updates (or “Install OS X Updates” for older software).

With that out of the way, your computer should be able to update automatically. That should mean the end to all those notifications without any nagging fears that you’re missing out on an important security patch.

If you’d rather just ignore all of Apple’s Mac updates entirely, that’s your call. We won’t judge, though you might be opening yourself up to attack as Saint Laurent Crystal stud Classic Court SL/06 California sneakers DygOaS
. If that doesn’t bother you, here’s what to do.

Head back to your Mac’s App Store settings in System Preferences. Then uncheck “Download newly available updates in the background.” This will completely stop the stream of software updates and notifications. Just don’t blame us if you miss an important patch.

If you’re running an older computer you may want to keep installing smaller updates while avoiding the major operating system upgrades that could slow down your Mac. High Sierra, Apple’s latest big update, comes with a notification that’s even harder to dismiss than usual (you’re only choice is to install it or see more details), but there’s a way to make those alerts disappear entirely.

MakeUseOf offers up two different ways to mute the High Sierra notification forever. The first (and easier) method is to launch the Mac App Store and click on Updates. You should see a big banner for High Sierra at the top of the page. Right click (or hold down the Control button and click) anywhere on the image and then select the Hide Update button that pops up.

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